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FREE DOWNLOAD HERE>> archive.org/details/Aelkemy
After another year of travel another album has come together. The hard drive crashed on a full moon when the project was around half done... the project was then restarted. 2 weeks and 4 days later it is now released. Mixed and mastered in 2 days. Hopefully it will be re-mixed/mastered in the future. In my eyes this is the most "mature" sound I have developed. Much of it was written in Europe and ALL of it was written on the road. Relentlessly recorded in a cold garage in Minnesota with a plethora of acoustic instruments.

The Instruments Used Include:
5 String Banjo
Tenor Banjo
Upright Bass
Gut Bucket
Homemade Resophonic Parlor Guitar
Drum Kit
Enormous Kick Drum (tuned like a Timpani)
Kazoo with Heat Lamp Cone
Hand Saw
No Amps No Masters


released April 24, 2015

Huge thanks to Charley, Madelyn, Moglo, Aaron and Luc for helping me get this project done. Madelyn and Charley are who you hear singing with me. The album art was created by Morning Glory. Aaron is playing Banjo on "Ragtime." Luc lent me the computer to record.




Dirty River Arts Collective Northfield, Minnesota

The D.R.A.Co. is a musical hub for underground musick. It is not a record label, it is a movement.

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Track Name: Acrimonious Blues (Throwing Bones at the Moon)
up until dawn, where has the night gone?
another front porch for another song
these strings resonate my sadness through the world
im happy to let you know you mean the world to me
passive aggressive recessive excessive
express how i feel unimpressed and depressed
losing inspiration and positivity
lost in a thunderstorm of antipathy

but reflecting in your eyes i surely saw a brightness
a light that glows as brilliant as the sun
if we can find a world that wasn’t so blinded
maybe we could see luminescence in everyone

poke at my brain with a long stick
throw ideas at a wall see which ones stick
broken bottles broken dreams, arthritic wrists
narcissistic nihilist howling dejected rhetoric
my acrimonious dissonance
towards societal ignorance
distracted pacified masses
unable to think abstractly
it makes me feel so sad you see
to drown in such misanthropy
this must not be the world for me
miserable humanity

spit upon the ground, let the world keep spinnin round
going back to the place i feel at home
a hole inside my head a little corner deep and black
lit up by the dawn of the sun
up until dawn, where has the night gone…...
Track Name: (God Damn) Cryin' Shame
Fell in love, now im spittin blood
its a god damn cryin shame
halfway across the world beside a beautiful girl
but the stars all look the same
as they always did, since i was a kid
had a dream of being free
wild and reckless life of anarchy
now i laugh at the laws and i walk across countries
and these borders dont seem to mean a god damn thing

swam in the deep, now im spittin teeth
its a god damn crying shame
if runnin from the past is a race im surely last
and i aint that great at this game
and i never been. im never goin back to that place again
handcuffs scar my wrist
i didnt feel all that wild or wreckless
but oh lord i feel wrecked

like a derailed train, head on collision, superstitions never seemed superstitious at all
fast track, blacked out double stack cannonball headed strait, strait for a concrete wall

i can drown y’all in a bottle of alcohol
or i can ride away on the fastest damned freight train
but a boxcar full of booze cant keep me away from you
youre here to stay every time i awake youre ghost is lyin right beside me
right beside me, but thats just how it goes

ive seen the river, seen the mountain tops
laughed with the people, spat at the cops
i got my scars you got yers too
but im on my way comin back to you
felt the rain, swallowed the sun
from the depths of hell to kingdom come
i will renounce the throne and the crown
until the flames come pourin down
Track Name: Grandmother's Bones
these bones they creek, they crack and they ache
these trees grow old and the branches they break
these rivers and streams run out like the lines on my
grandmothers face

and this world, is a beautiful place
and this world, is a strange wicked place

these knuckles they buckle, these elbows lock up
like the gears of an old antique grandfather clock
stuck still in time but the ticking wont stop
the iron it rusts and the wood starts to rot

and this world, is a beautiful place
and this world, is a strange wicked place

these tendons they stretch these muscles grow sore
these apples are rotten right down to the core
this disease is spreading from the fruits to the trees
from the compost of death sprouts the life of new seeds

and this world, is a beautiful place
and this world, is a strange wicked place
Track Name: Lonely Road
Lonely road, call my name
i was sick of this town so i caught me a westbound train
now i walk, these city streets
with holes in my feet and im homesick again

but i aint goin back no i aint goin back for a while
these people and places oh how they make me smile
a young boys dream turns into a young mans life
see my face change in the reflection of a pocket knife

old boxcar call my name
sick of this town so sick of the rain
the sun shines some other place
but i aint got no home for to rest my bones
willow tree, why do you weep?
could it be, could it be that youre weeping for me?
plant a seed, plant a seed
from the acorn come the oak, strong and hard

Little by little ill climb every branch
the limbs how they wave the leaves how they dance
the wind how it comes from a million miles away
just to blow a soft breeze across my worn and weathered face
Track Name: Intermodal Ragg
hey now purty mama its okay to cry
everybody knows everybodys born to die
why not spend our time getting high and feelin fine?
hey pretty mama you know its okay to cry
oh sweet darlin why you gotta complain?
outside this liquor store we’ll spend our days
askin for spare change, ridin midnight trains
oh sweet darlin aint no reason to complain

railroad spike, fixgear bike, throwin up and fallin down
face tattoos, left eye bruised, i think ive seen him around
overalls, alcohol patched bibs, dirty rigs
gettin a bit down on the dirty kids im on the next train outta town

yer mama tried to buy you a new pair of shoes
instead you spent the money all on booze
gut rot, hot shot, blood clot dirty sox
did this life you chose or were you born to lose?

road kids living wild and ridin hard
stowin away on intermodal cars
nothin can be done but to wait til morning comes
when the sun comes chasin way the coldest stars

I know a man who works in the knoxville yard
he can stow me away on an intermodal car
onto the shenandoah gorge it will roll it will roar
beneath the moon, atop the iron ore

high security yards, doublestack cars, they’re pickin apart your string
passed out drunk, shoulda rode junk, you dont notice a thing
reckless kid never learned your shit, but yer makin it hard for the ones that did
leavin me with a bad taste in my mouth, are you blowin up or hoppin out?

Hey know theres a lesson to be learned
listen close kid and dont get burned
dont be seen and dont be heard and lay off that 211
dont go chasing a train around that ol curve
with yer vision blurred
Track Name: Z Train to Nowhere
meet me on the z train to nowhere
hot shot highballing bound for hell
aimless shameless wandering without care
theres a beer in every boxcar cardboard in every well

may your whisky never empty, your vices fill your voids
blinded by the coal dust, deaf from all the noise
nostalgia of the hobos past caught by a poloroid
emerging from the smoke lost and alone

see you on the next train out of somewhere
somewhere aint no where i want to be
lost in the desert with the brittle broken branches of the sage brush
is where ill be set free
Track Name: Sorgmarsch
so long to my lovers well ill see you on the moon
if you plan to meet me here, never is too soon
goodbye to my mother for the seas between us rage
from the corals on the floor to the thunder of the waves
take me to the mountain where the sun is always warm
there aint no fear of death as we go raging with the storm
so long to my lovers i will see you on the moon
never, never is too soon

hello to my comrades, that sail the starlit seas
with the blinking of a breath now is much too breif
hello to the goddesses and gods of ancient lore
may we all find peace and freedom upon the astral shores
take me to the mountain where the sun is always warm
there aint no fear of death as we go raging with the storm
Hello to my comrades that sail the starlit seas
its always always much too breif

farewell to the forests animals and trees
scavengers and bottom feeders amongst the turning leaves
when my body turns to compost the wolves will have their feast
set me free set me free set me free

solidarity to the struggling, fighting for their lives
we shall meet again at the rising of the tides
when the moon it reaches magnitude and the fireside it flickers
a thousand drops of rain turned to a rushing river
Track Name: Empyrean

Outside upon the grass that grows itself
we stare to the sky that holds her own
mutual love between the stars
just might start wars upon the prairies of Mars
these city lights burn so ugly
sit and watch the cars flyin by
frustration from the fact that my empyria
is only found when i close my eyes

inside my mind, triggered neurons fire
vastness of abysmal emptiness explodes
the smoking barrel of an empty rifle
all i know is the more i know i know nothing anymore

inside my minds neurons trigger fire
bigger and bigger the smallness grows
until theres nothing left
and all i know is the more i know i know nothing anymore

theres a red bird sitting on the window
blackbird kawing at the sun
fly me to the moon with the ravens
internal battles over, but the eternal war is never won

freedom for the pike means death for the minnow
freedom for the minnow means death for the pike
we can ride our bike to the liquor store
and ignore all the sadness of the world
Track Name: Ra

Dark Clouds, on a summers rain
as the thunder, calls your name
lightning strikes, brittle white bones
poison flowers with thorns of gold
planted in death, watered in blood
from seeds of chaos sprouts true love
eyes of fire, hands of ice
electric current, down my spine

philladelphia, these filthy streets
may this not be, the last time we meet
rays of sun, on a winters dark
darkness dissolves, melts away
sadness lightens, blindness at bay
summer rains as the thunder calls my name
Track Name: Intergallactic Coffee Cup

Galaxy in a coffee cup well bottoms up
constellation of freckles on the skin
staring deep the night sky comes alive
breathing so slow
i swear i could feel the starlight glowing in your eyes

theres no such thing as freedom in this city
concrete laid, suffocates the dirt
but from the cracks in the sidewalk sprouts a single seed
determined to resuscitate the breath upon the earth

the trash cans in paris hold 10 million treasures
stuffed into another plastic bag
hauled off to a land fill, fill the earth with trash
building towers and temples on a mountain bound to crash

bound to the earth parasitic life
i will sing into the howling wind
with the soaring birds lie the essence of my words
upon the feathers of a wing
Track Name: Free to Travel (Ain't no Lie)

Free to travel, unravel my mind
kicked outa town ive been nickeled and dimed
you say that its a crime but its a sign of the times
write my name down on the ticket but i wont pay the fine
tell me baby whats wrong with this world
border to border state to state
country to country its all the same
rich folks hidin behind golden gates
while the common folk are struggelin to put food on their plate

we love across town passed the hole in the fence
got 6 whole dollars and 66 cents
in a cozy little corner by the rail road line
just past the no trespassing sign
come on in babay come on down
throw your money in the pot pass the bottle around
enjoy the fireside and the company
telling stories like its 1933

oh babe it aint no lie
the way im livin is surely mighty fine

free to stay put, plant some seeds,
rooted in the ground like a grandmother tree
they think were all crazy cause we strive to be free
spark the fire of community
line to line street to street
country to country its all a shame
rich folks dont even know my name
but i forgot theirs too so i guess were all the same

when i fall asleep i dream, when i dream i learn to fly
when i fly i feel so free, like a bird up in the sky
when i wake up im so un… satisified
Track Name: Colors of Dirt
we all turn the color of dirt
face and our hands pants and our skirts
earth gives way to an iron machine
wood turns to concrete oil to steam
think of the places that weve been
half of them im never going there agian
think of the ways that we got where we are
bicycles freight trains aeroplanes and cars
you look at me like i am a ghost
the spirit of someone that you used to know
but you forgot their face they left so long ago
its so startling to see starlight from 10000 years ago

Sittin outside starin in with longing, never understood at what they were laughing
so i threw a brick and the glass went crashing, sirens wailing lights are flashing

now i understand where i belong
outside of a broken window screaming a song
now i understand where i call home
running as fast as i can down a dead end road

so may your bottle never be empty
may your train never be late
livin life by a jug of whisky
here’s to a hole in every fence a hole in every fuckin cage
may your boxcars always be plentiful
to keep you out of the rain
remember to learn what a smile is worth
as we all turn the color the color of dirt

May your travels always be distant
but grounded you stay may yer head be yer home
vagabonds drifters and misfits
you look at the stars and youll never be alone
may your eyes never be jaded
your love never be lost
as we run across the world on a freight train rollin
i must thank you for what it is we have stolen back back
the most novel attempt at freedom is a night sky alone
Track Name: Sofiya

Sofiya the sun is setting far beyond you
pinks and purples illuminate the skies
trying to find comfort in the struggle
of a driftin distant dreamin kind of life
sofiya i aint complainin cause i aint hungry
and i know i got another beer to drink
in a distant land with familiar faces i will travel on
sun is settin on sofiya burning pink

i can smell the musk of a soviet era rail car
feel the dense sweat heavy in the air
see the balkan mountains, of a southwestern horizon dissappear

freight cars and steam engines lie in shambles
abandoned and forgotten left to rust
a cemetery of a distant time line
dissolving to a thin and lonely dust

sofiya the moon the moon will soon be rising
above the crooked houses made of stone
the rains the rains the rains will soon be falling
like a child crying all alone

the dogs they walk these streets like they own them
living off of leftovers and trash
to think im any better, im not so naieve
forever to howl with the pack at the waxing moon
Track Name: Ragtime Tune
sing you another ragtime tune, honey i'm broke as hell
Sing you another ragtime tune, life could only go so well
Close my eyes, try to escape, i don't really like it here, anyway

from the whippoorwill to the willow tree, life can seem so sweet,
from the whippoorwill to the willow tree, life can be such a dream
but i'm waitin for a train, down pour rain, trying to drink away my pain
sing you another ragtime tune, honey i'm broke as hell

i been to the ocean, i been to the sea, seen the whole world thru
but the only time i'm happy at all, is honey when im with you
but you said goodbye, you said so long, you'll only be happy when im dead n gone

pocket full of pennies, bottle full of booze, singing the worried blues
nothin to lose but these holes in my shoes but i ain't comin back to you
night after night, day by day slowly learning to waste away
Track Name: Sibling's Blood
from the dryness of the desert to the forests filled with rain
there are no borders no nations and no flags
these lines divide the mind, separate us one by one
until were on a hunt with a thirst for siblings blood

beyond gender beyond race beyond class
beyond religion philosophy and caste

cast rocks into the creek we are raindrops one by one
until we form a raging river the ocean we become

cast a wrench into the machine, watch it come undone
until we form resistance the revolution we become
Track Name: Aelkemy

Old Oak tree, born from a seed
reach for the skie, burning to ash
dance with the leaves, moan with the branches,
taken for granted, left here to rot

Alchemy, what have you done?
the gold of the sun, the silver moon
What will you do? when theres nothing to lose
theres nothing to prove but to prove that theres nothing left here to prove

youre sitting up there, im standing down here
it all becomes clear that our focus is blurred
learn to be learned, let your head rest’
on a pillow of stone, my dear dispossessed
walk with thy feet, flesh on the ground
drink from the rivers, of these old dirty towns

old willow tree, born from a seed
dance with the leaves on a cool autumn breeze

goodbye my love, that stands there above
for the bodies last work; to return to the dirt
so long my dear, so close and so near
in the arms of sweet death, cradled dispossessed
patriarchy, may it drown in the seas
held deep beneath, until the violence ceases
left bleeding to sink, to the calm ancient floors
drift back to shore, peaceful and swollen

old oak tree, born from a seed
drink in the rain, bathe in the wind
when the fires come, darlin dont run
just stare towards the sun, return to the earth